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June has been a feisty ass month so far and it’s only the first week but its a great time to be alive, a great time to change your mindset and build your new mindset to help people flourish. It’s a great time to unlearn and learn , a great time to give back, to amplify black voices, to take action, to practice self care, and to love others 💞.

And for the last 5 days I was not in a good space mentally. It took longer than usual to get in the groove again, to come back to being positive and motivated to create social change. My brain went into overdrive strategizing and planning on how I can do more for my people and the whole damn world while we at it. And then it hit me, with Tuesday’s blackout, we collected requirements, defined scope, and sent out deliverables. Protests are part of the communication plan. We are fighting racism and demanding justice with PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Calls to action, which equates to the work breakdown structure, from allies included a laundry list of donation sites, movies to watch, reading recommendations, email templates to governments etc. Protests to city halls all over the country and world of people risking being jailed just to voice that yes systemic racism exists and it’s got to go! This was part of the communication strategy and plan. Donations flooded in taking care of the families of the victims of police brutality giving them resources to also create change.

The revolution is televised and shared on social media. Change is happening, deliverables are being checked off, goals are being accomplished. Steps in the right direction are happening now. Its as if because the world was shut down, so many people unemployed, it ignited a fire within that we needed for quite some time. And project management played a key part in it all. Whether the fighters, doers, and leaders knew it or not, you unconsciously planned out the project and are executing it. It’s beautiful. And we are just getting started. Let’s continue to manage the resources coming in both human and financial and monitor/control this project for equality. Let’s keep the energy flowing like water. We got this!

One way I am giving back and creating positive social change is utilizing my business.
Lipstick Killers Collection will contribute a portion of ALL sales towards equal rights organizations for however long it takes for black lives to matter and to have justice. Shop the dopest accessories and support a black owned business and a great cause for equality. Until the next time…


Syreeta R.B.

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