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The amount of creativity sparked and catalyzed by the corona virus pandemic has lead me to believe that we are officially in another renaissance period. Music has been flourishing and pouring from rappers and singers old and new. People are tapping into their inner seamstress. Parents are becoming multi-tasking educators and medical students are getting the fast track heading straight into the field to take care of patients. Quarantine life has definitely made us rethink our entire process and workflow. So as I take the puppy for a walk that doubles as my exercise, seeing inspirational artwork on the streets gets my creativity thinking more and asking the rough question, will we get through this?

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At first I thought yes we will, as a nation we are strong, resilient, been through every and anything, we can do this. But now, after seeing the business impact from all sides, employers and employees, I think we will get through this. Negatively affected businesses and families are already adapting as much as they can, making changes and thinking outside of the box to keep afloat as much as possible. People are volunteering, making donations, providing food, medical supplies, and trying their best to show support in their communities. New business models are being adapted, because if you cannot adapt to these esoteric times, you are almost certainly guaranteed to fail. So we go hard, create opportunities out of distress. Websites, apps, and all kinds of tech companies are birthing products to help people. Manufacturing has been moved back to the USA with fashion designers, bloggers, homemakers, accessory designers, and professional seamstresses creating masks for communities and medical workers. Photography has been adapted virtually; so have weddings, concerts, and late night shows all showing agile rigor and embracing the digital world.

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Cabin fever is real. The feeling of getting in my car after not driving for two to three weeks is like the feeling I had when I first bought it. It even smells better since I haven’t been in it everyday. Going to the grocery store which usually can take 30min now takes me an hour because I take the long way or just drive around for a bit longer. I appreciate the air I am breathing. I love going for long walks now. Because the ability to be outside is truly a gift for all of us.

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Even though times are bad, there are so many good things happening too. We the People are doing more, creating, coming up with new, innovative ways to make health the #1 priority. We are changing the game in all facets of business. Fashion is evolving with masks being the new normal, they can be fashionable and charitable. I know we will survive this.

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“speak your dreams into existence”

Meditation has a new meaning for the last 11 weeks being home. Some nights are for clearing out the negative energy of the day and letting go, other nights are for speaking dreams and goals into existence. Meditation for me is like forming a consciousness powered vision board that moves and evolves and transforms with energy and thoughts about love and happiness and prosperity. I highly recommend guided meditation if you are a first timer.

Well that’s my quick spiel, back to creating. All pics were taken walking on Broadway St. in downtown Los Angeles. Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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  1. I agree, in-spite of all the inevitable negatives which have and will come out of this, great gratitude and creativity has shone through this. Plus I think it will anable a lot off us to think differently about how we live.

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