Fashion | Lipstick Killers Collection feat. in The Daily Look!

The Daily Look: I like hot dog with my mustard

Yessss! Finally, Lipstick Killers Collection products are featured in The Daily Look Instagram stories AND Snapchat series. It’s so thrilling and satisfying to see the styles come to life!

The Daily Look was a labor of love that started about a year ago while living in Dubai. As I placed my fashion business on hold overseas, I wanted to dip my toe back in so to speak, with creating fashion looks that are inspiring, edgy, sexy, full of life, and powerful colors. Styling and creating looks came naturally since that was part of my designer career in Atlanta. During my many years living in Atlanta, I created pieces for entertainment professionals such as Ms Juicy, styled music videos for independent artists and show hosts, and of course tons and tons of fashion shows including the Bronner Brothers Hair Show. And during that time, I used an app called Polyvore to create looks, also with Lipstick Killers Collection pieces combined with other designer brands. When I rebranded and reignited The Daily Look, Polyvore was no longer available. Luckily, I found an app called ShopLook Vio which I use now to create.

The Daily Look: Home Office Slay

Lipstick Killers Collection now has a select number of clothing items along with accessory collections such as Dope AF rings and Tribal AF necklaces and bags. After integrating the shop with Pinterest, I am able to upload those products onto the ShopLook app and voila magic, the Edgy Opulence Lifestyle is visual!

But it’s not just about my products, it’s about every brand being mixed to create a beautiful, effortless look. Especially in these times where brands are negatively impacted economically, there’s no price placed on showing support. The Daily Look just might inspire a purchase as more and more people get comfortable being home and still killing it fashionably. Coco Chanel could not have said it better.

The Daily Look: Casual Friday

Facts! To view the full series of The Daily Look, simply check out my Instagram highlight reel. I hope that you feel inspired to change up your look or maybe add a piece to your wardrobe. If you do decide to purchase from my shop, know that every single sale has a portion of the proceeds donated to equal rights organizations. I will never stop fighting for the people period. Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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