In the beginning there was Lipstick Killers Collection . . .

Lipstick Killers Collection is the first clothing brand developed by BGC, Inc. which was established in 2005. The LKC brand launched in 2009 with one purpose, to dress the women of today with fearless fashion. The Lipstick Killers Collection has since participated in several fashion shows throughout the east coast from New York to Atlanta, which is where the business is located. Lipstick Killers Collection has also featured in several popular fashion blogs and currently designs for several celebrities and its brand ambassador. Items include dresses, t shirts, and accessories all hand made in the USA with the finest imported fabrics.

Lipstick Killers Collection has met the rigorous standards of the BLUEdot Register Certified Carbon Neutral program on featured select products. To achieve a net-zero carbon emission product, LKC assessed the carbon footprint of each product certified throughout its entire life cycle. The footprint assessment includes raw material sourcing, harvesting, manufacturing, product assembly, finishing, transportation, and LKC business operations including this website.

LKC has made a commitment for on-going carbon emission reduction wherever possible and has made our select certified products fully carbon-neutral by offsetting all unavoidable emissions associated with that product. Look for the BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral badge designating our carbon neutral selections! We’re proud to be leading the way in ensuring the health of our environment. Our BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral message helps raise awareness within the public, and helps further conversations about the power of individuals to make change personal.

Our mission is to make women strong and fearless all over the world with a dress that boosts confidence and inner beauty. At that point, she can take over the world and face her fears by making a statement. There’s no fear in fashion, love, and life and our customers embrace that. Don’t just show your power, live in it.

And now there is the Edgy Opulence Lifestyle . . .

The Edgy Opulence Lifestyle Brand features the travels of the master business woman Syreeta R.B. She enamors her audience with the thrills of her traveling abroad in luxury hot spots all across the globe while showing the audience how to dress, eat, be sexy, have fun, live it fiercely, and live it fearlessly. The Edgy Opulence lifestyle is filled with fashion, leisure, interior design, and entertainment. It’s time to start living the life you always wanted, to take the risks that may have held you back, and to channel that energy and power that exudes pure success. The Edgy Opulence lifestyle is here to inspire you for something greater than you could ever imagine. Will you jump with her?