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As a project manager, I am grateful to be able to work from home. However because of my recent move to LA, I was not prepared to jump in to working from home like I have in the past. I figured I would get a desk later on and just relax on the couch with my computer in my lap to get things done. Chile please! My back was on fire from being uncomfortably positioned. And now that I am working from home for I don’t know how long, I really needed to get this desk. So I purchased a nice desk from Target for $70, put it together, and voila magic. Just in case this is the new norm, I knew that I had to make my work area as comfortable and Feng Shui as possible for the following reasons:

  • Mind my health!
  • Keep family and career in balanced and focused.
  • Increase prosperity with productivity.
  • Live and thrive in the creative realm.

Here is a photo of my old office area. Although it followed the Feng Shui suggested patterns, the chair was really uncomfortable. Pro Tip: You can find something fashionable that also provides a level of comfort. Lesson learned here.

Dubai, UAE 2018, shot on iPhone XS Max

Here is my work area today. A wood desk is considered the best for feng shui because it brings natural and vibrant energy to your work space. And yes, that is a super comfortable chair I am using! Pro Tip: my work life has become 100 times better now that I have a display. This LG display has given me boss babe vibes at home. This has improved my productivity ten fold in both work and side hustles. It is worth the investment.

Los Angeles, CA 2020, shot on iPhone XS Max

My other favorite Feng Shui piece is my plant Fauna. She helps improve the air quality and keeps positive energy flowing. Keeping the desk minimal with less clutter improves balance and creativity. Lastly, I have a jade crystal near my family portrait which brings us good health and wealth.

I have to tell you, since I made these changes, it seems like I can actually breathe when I am working. I am completely relaxed and able to focus. If you are new to Feng shui’ng your home and work space, I recommend this great website to get you started In the meantime, make the best of your work situation and keep positive thoughts that we will make it through these times.

Until the next time…

Syreeta R. B.

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  1. Deborah Rios says:

    I love this piece niece!! Welcome back! Make sure you reach out to your Uncle Iszy out there. Wishing you continued blessings.

    Love you,

    Titi Lisa Sent from my iPhone


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