Fashion | Visiting Sneakertopia LA

As my sneaker head life slowly grows and blossoms, I have started seeing various sneaker ads on my Instagram and Facebook feed. One in particular caught my eye while endlessly scrolling that was located in LA. The first ad showed Offset launching a showroom at Sneakertopia which I realized was only a temporary pop up. However after googling and researching, the art gallery/ museum of collectible kicks is actually a long-standing, not so temporary pop up with even a Groupon deal! So for this anniversary and valentines weekend, I decided to take the husband there to see what gems we could find and check out the artwork.

Shot on iPhone XSMax

As you walk into the entrance, you are embraced by wall artwork and tv screen with Kanye speaking about his shoe design collections. The smell of paint in the DIY custom shoe workshop fills the air paired with amazing 20+ feet tall paintings of athletic Gods, kings, and queens.

The artwork is bright colored, funky, cool, and filled with hip hop culture. It was like walking into a well lit warehouse covered in beautiful fashion centric murals.

Shot on iPhone XSMax
Shot on iPhone XSMax

The hanging Jordan art installation was one of my favorites besides the wall of fashion forward Queens shown above.

Shot on iPhone XSMax
Shot on iPhone XSMax
Shot on iPhone XSMax

Now some of the shoes were purely made for art, made with cardboard, foil, and other materials. But the exclusive kicks with a hefty price tag were kept safely in glass cases. It was also cool to see how many were made. Guess that defines the price tag!

Shot on iPhone XSMax

Lastly, who can forget about the furniture sure to align with any artist’s feng shui.

In summary, it’s definitely worth the trip to south LA to check out. There’s even a shop inside featuring Spike Lee’s 40 acres clothing collection and of course, limited edition kicks. The general admission is $25, however if you go on Groupon you can save a few bucks. Happy gram-ing while you are there! Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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