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The weather has been completely beautiful in Los Angeles for the past week with high 60s and gorgeous blue skies. It has had it’s chilly moments where I regret not bringing a jacket or scarf, but I am enjoying it honey! That Dubai heat is deadly. So anyway, the husband and I had a hell of a busy week so we decided to totally decompress this weekend. We put Thumper, our 1yr old mini pinscher, in daycare for the weekend and started our weekend off right.

On Saturday we decided to go sight seeing and window shopping to the infamous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Our first stop was to the Polo Ralph Lauren Store.

Entrance display shot on iPhone XSMax

Thank goodness they have valet parking, totally worth it with no headache of finding parking. Upon entry I noticed the latest women’s collection is filled with bright, high pigments of color that flowed from accessories to clothing. The men’s section stayed very masculine with darks hues of blue, brown, and the signature polo shirts in all colors. But the store is completely massive with a second floor for its home furnishings and children’s section. The home furnishings are to die for! My favorite piece is this throne type chair.

Polo chair display shot on iPhone XSMax

I also loved all of their decorative pillows and chess boards. I have my eye on a few items 😏 This is one of the best Ralph Lauren stores I have been to this far throughout my travels home and abroad.

Our next stop was to the Louis Vuitton store who had a massive, bright colored window display.

LV window display shot on iPhone XSMax

The store was crowded AF and also massive with a huge staircase. I definitely did not feel in the mood to clear another 5K steps so I got my window shot and bounced. I will go back to see the upstairs and try to catch some great displays. Just not that day 😆

We also visited the Versace store which did not have an eye catching display but did have some super cute shoes and sick tote bags. After downing some fat burger, we dipped out and had a romantic evening at home. So all in all, it was a great weekend with dinner on Friday, day on the town Saturday, and football Sunday. And now it’s time to do it all over again next weekend haha! Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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