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It was a beautiful cloudy spring day in Dubai and I decided to check out the Marina. My first notion was to view the tower apartment life out there in the midst of the greenest canal ever, however my reason quickly changed. Instead, as I graciously left the taxi in slow motion, I instantly began to feel the energy of the Marina Walk. The Marina Walk is 7km around and filled with restaurants, hotels, and a very posh atmosphere. There are palm trees lined all around that have a gorgeous glow at night. The highlights are listed below which I am sure you will fall in love with as much as I did.

Fabulous First: Yachts, yachts, and more yachts! Oh yeah, boats too.

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Sexy Second: All kinds of Eats

You can eat on a boat or yacht from prices ranging from $20/pp to a much as $700 depending on your taste of luxury. Or you can feast in any of the Pier 7 restaurants each located on 7 different floors. Their pricing is also in the $100 range and give that edgy opulence view with outside patios decorated for the Gods!

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Thrilling Third: Views for days

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Finally, the Faithful Fourth

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The most beautiful Mosque is centered right in the center of the Marina Walk. At the dusk prayer time, it luminates. It is absolutely breathtaking.

So I would recommend going on a cruise of the waterway where you can get an unlimited dinner buffet with beverages. Afterwards, you can walk the Marina and cross a bridge or two into Jumeirah beach. Whatever you decide, you will love!

Thank you for reading!

Syreeta R.B.

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