Fashion | Centrepoint Store’s Plus Size Clothing Review

Plus size clothing is pretty much non-existent in Dubai. After a large amount of web searches and wandering around the humongous malls clearing a minimum 12,000 steps, I finally discovered two stores thus far out of the thousands of shops here that have clothing for women size 14 and above. I have not given up hope yet! I know you are probably thinking why do I need to find clothes if I am a designer and sew? Well, for those simple staple pieces, it’s so much easier to buy them of course. Plus, it takes a long time to make clothing and I love to make dresses, not tees and simple separates! And lastly, I love to shop, it’s therapeutic even. So yes ladies and gents fashion is my passion!

The Centrepoint store I visited is located at the Mall of Emirates.  Here is their brief history below.

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“Landmark Group launched the first Centrepoint store in Kuwait in 2005. Since then, the concept has grown to become the largest non-food retailer with an aggregate retail footprint of 5 million square feet across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

Each Centrepoint outlet is a large format store retailing four great brands – Babyshop, Shoemart, Splash and Lifestyle. With an extensive collection that comprises high-street fashion clothing, accessories, stylish footwear, beauty and grooming products, baby and child essentials, home decor and everything in between, Centrepoint caters to the needs of the entire family as the ultimate shopping destination.

Supported by over 10,000 personnel, the brand serves 35 million customers annually through its 100+ outlets across the GCC-MENA region. Voted the UAE’s Superbrand, Centrepoint is considered among the most loved and admired retailers in the Middle East.” (Centrepoint, Retail Corporate)

I was able to navigate through the store and found the plus section fairly easily. It’s about the same size as the plus section in a Forever 21 store nestled in back quarter section next to the lingerie. So the shopping commenced! I honestly was only looking for black cropped leggings and another summer dress. I purchased a pair jeans, shirt, a long tunic, and a dress. The prices were decent too ranging from $10 to $50. The quality is not bad either, actually good quality which I loved. The collection is decent, not as trendy as the smaller sized items but you can definitely pull some cute looks together. Check out my video below for the items I selected and see what made to the closet.

What I really love about the Centrepoint store and their parent company are their environmental initiatives. Social responsibility should not be a choice for companies, it should be a natural, unforced requirement. The graphic below shows how they are making an impact in their community.

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Final Thoughts

I would definitely shop at Centrepoint again steering away from the jeans and sticking with tops and dresses. Kudos for their sustainability and environmental goals as well.

Thank you for reading!

Syreeta R.B.

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