Fashion | Marchesa Spotlight #1

I had the opportunity to visit the Marchesa store during my last post about Fashion Avenue. Well ladies and gentlemen, I am going to write a segment called the “Marchesa Spotlight” which will feature their primary display in their boutique. Here is the first gown made for the Gods!

The Flower Petal Embellished Dress

Shot on iPhone

I am filled with utter joy to bring you an exclusive look into the Marchesa boutique and its rare and exclusive collections. This couture dress is showcased in the one and only Marchesa boutique located on Fashion Avenue inside the Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates. The petals are made from the finest silk while layers of nylon create an exquisite bounce with every movement. Not only is the front a fashion masterpiece, the back of the gown is open with a neck closure filled with silk rose petals and right above the lower back is another bouquet. It’s the perfect red carpet garment that demonstrates sexy and glamour.

Image credit:

Recreate the look for less here!

Make sure you visit the Marchesa boutique to view other pieces in their supreme couture collection! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next spotlight.

Syreeta R.B.

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