Fashion | BLCKFRDY Sale!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year huntees and we are here for it! It’s our annual BLCKFRDY sale where every single item is on sale 🤯. We have a little something for everybody, check out our latest and greatest below ⬇️.

Gawdy Gawds Collection New Items!!!

From the Gawdy Gawds Collection

For the Fancy Ass Bag Lady

Orange Vegan Leather Duffle Bag

Por La Afro Latina in you

Afro Latina & Proud Hoodie
Afro Latina & Proud Hoodie 2

For the Corporate Bad Bish

Pearls, Pearls, and just plain Fabulous!

We give a f*ck about the Earth 🌎 and so should you! Make sure to add EcoCart to your orders to offset your carbon footprint 👣.

This sale is on until November 30th 1130PM CST.

So happy Thanksgiving 🦃, happy shopping 🛍️, and make sure to save the Earth 🌎 with your orders.

Until the next time…


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