Lifestyle | Best Rooftop Luxe Spots in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for an amazing rooftop dining experience, look no further than Los Angeles. With its stunning views and plethora of luxury restaurants, LA is the perfect place to spend an evening enjoying a delicious meal. Here are five of the best rooftop restaurants in the city for your edgy and opulent lifestyle.


#1 Perch: This French-inspired restaurant is located in downtown LA and offers diners some of the best views of the city.

From TripAdvisor

#2 The Mondrian in West Hollywood offers stunning views of the cityscape from its rooftop pool and lounge area.

From the rooftop guide

#3 Head to The Standard in downtown LA for an eclectic mix of cocktails and small plates with equally impressive views.

From Eater LA

#4 Roof on Wilshire: Cocktails & American eats from chef Eric Greenspan with pool & city views atop the Hotel Wilshire.

Google images

#5 Soho House is a group of private members’ clubs originally aimed at those in the arts, politics, and media. The original location is at 40 Greek Street, Soho, London. The company now operates clubs, hotels and venues around the world.

Now living in LA has been awesome but honey, there’s nothing like dining on a rooftop in Dubai on the 50th, 75th, or 100th floor. But these sunsets and mountains views are to die for and there’s no place like the USA! Until the next time…

Syreeta B

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