Business & Fashion | LKC is crowdfunding, here’s how you can help!

Fearless and sustainable, that is the motto for Lipstick Killers Collection and the message being shared on their iFund women crowdfunding campaign.

Why does Lipstick Killers Collection need funding?

I am seeking funding to manufacture our clothing locally in the USA. The funds will be used to purchase fabric, notions,  merchandising, marketing, and the cost of manufacturing the collections. Manufacturing and sourcing is not cheap, especially when being made in the USA, however we are willing to make the commitment to not only give back to our local community, but to also reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Why invest in Lipstick Killers Collection?

Our mission is to provide fearlessly sustainable clothing to all gender types of all sizes. Our clothing company is certified carbon neutral and supports equal rights organizations. We continue to fight for the rights of all humans and fight for a clean, safe Earth. LKC is Afro-Latina, woman owned ready and willing to do my part to save the world.

Plus, we are solving a few problems. One, we are providing ready couture clothing to all people size small through 3X plus. We believe every gender type should have access to fabulous fashion. Two, we are doing our part by contributing back to the communities by supporting equal rights organizations. Lastly, we are doing our part by offsetting our carbon footprint in the fashion industry. We are intersectional environmentalists, supporting our people and our Earth. Customers are supporting our vision, satisfying their fashion cravings, and changing the world. It’s a win-win!

What’s coming in our latest collection?

Our signature one-sleeve dresses, shown below in our SS16 collection, will be reignited!

Our signature flowing tails! Silks, satins, and sheers oh my!

We are also featuring a set of fabulous abayas/robes. We are ready to kill the runway! Help us by donating today. Donate any amount or choose among the VIP donations on the website. We will appreciate it no matter the amount! Please share this post everywhere and help us reach our goal of $100K today!

Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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