Fashion & Sustainability | Earth day IS every day!

Syreeta R.B. MBA, PMP designer and owner of Lipstick Killers Collection, LLC

Earth day is every day when you are a sustainable fashion company that strives to reduce their carbon footprint and support their community. I wanted to do just that and my process for achieving these goals started years ago. I became certified carbon neutral in 2015 with a wonderful company called PaleBlueDot LLC and we are searching for more companies to connect with to continue to do our part.

“Lipstick Killers Collection, a quality, hand-made apparel line that celebrates the strength and courage of women, announced they have been awarded the BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral certification.  Certification was reached as a result of comprehensively assessing and eliminating the carbon footprint of the entire clothing line’s supply chain and operations.  

The BLUEdot certification assures a net zero carbon emission for every Lipstick Killers Collection clothing purchase from raw materials to delivery to the end customer.”Press Release

What is intersectional environmentalism? From the website it means an inclusive form of environmentalism advocating for the protection of all people + the planet. Derived from the work of the Combahee River Collective + later, Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, intersectional environmentalism identifies the ways in which injustices targeting frontline communities + the earth are intertwined.

Conversations within environmental spaces cannot minimize or ignore the injustices targeting vulnerable communities + natural ecosystems, but rather denote the ways social inequalities influence our perception of environmentalism, regardless of how subtle or obvious. In this way, intersectional environmentalism calls for justice for people + the planet. And I could not agree more! It’s like intersectional environmentalism is my spirit animal ; ) I have taken the pledge!

Carbon Neutral Data

Pulled from website

I will keep you all posted on our carbon neutral progress and update the data soon. Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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