Lifestyle | Fixing Crowns: A permanent trend?

If you are like me and have altered your Instagram feed by following #motivationmonday #dailyinspiration and #bosschickmindset etc etc, then you more than likely ran into the quote fix each other’s crowns.

I follow quite a few bad ass boss chicks such as @badassboz Bozoma Saint John, @issarae Issa Rae, and @tessholliday Tess Holliday who are consistently posting badassery by sharing their journey. It made me start thinking about my impact, what am I doing to keep the cycle of empowerment moving?

And the fix each other’s crown quote just made a whole lotta sense. If we want to keep this positive force present, we must practice what we preach. And the cherry on top is that you will feel fabulous doing it. In my personal and professional experiences that balance between humble and confident is a blessing. We all have those days that we just wake up with an attitude, or are feeling overwhelmed and doubtful. I find that once I get my day started and begin working on my phone, it honestly helps seeing those motivational posts. And I love the fact that I can help someone or empower someone with the content I share.

We all also have those days when your sis, friend, bestie, or bae comes through for you! I have so many biz-sisters that support me and give me the courage to keep going. The tribe is the new trendy word that describes your inner circle 😉 nowadays but its more so growing into the takes a village concept which this world definitely needs. I love this paradigm shift and I hope you do to!

Some of my favorite hashtags/accounts to follow on IG are:

@badassboz @bossladiesmindset @girlbossempires #millionairemindset @thegoodquote #bosschickmindset #womenempowering #empowerwomen @womenontop @womenofpm @womenceoproject #womeninbusiness

Comment below with a story or share some of the hashtags you follow!

Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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