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Hello Readers, 

With so many issues with data privacy and major players being publicly scrutinized for their shady ass terms and agreements or lack thereof, it draws people who want to market themselves on social media to beg the question: what is the right way of doing so without sacrificing my soul? How can I share my strengths, be humble, be real, and let future candidates and clients know that I am here and it not count against me? Social media is this “thing” that can “make” you or straight up ignore you. And how come when I search, think, or say something, I get an ad for it on my various timelines? Creepy right? Is data really being used like that? Well honey, the simple answer is YES. Companies hire companies who hire companies to get that level of exposure that most small businesses cannot afford. So we have to play the long game and take the free or cheaper route. All is not lost, you must have patience, but in the end, just know that you can do this. 

I have so many clients ask me, what is the secret? What hashtags can I use? How can I increase my followers? How can I trick the algorithm? Are influencers really worth it? The realest answer I can give you is: there is no secret. To grow your brand and market yourself, it involves these 3 fundamental steps which I will discuss in a bit.

But here is the thing, is social media ruining lives? Well, not really because everyday you hear about success stories of people who have gained their virtual stardom strictly from social media. So its not all bad! Hell, I have been on this journey forever and a day! But what I have learned from my experiences is that you must never, ever give up. If you see the value in social media, then dammit, go for it. You can do this. We can do this together. So let me show you how you can make an impact and get your brand out there. Let’s be clear, it will not happen overnight, it could take years, it could take months, it could be a few days. As long as you are having fun doing it and not stressing over it, you will be fine. So let’s get started. 

#1 Tip: Confidence

  • Realize that it’s not about the amount of likes or the amount of followers. You are awesome! It takes time to grow. However, think about these numbers. According to an article posted on, influencers with 1,000 – 5,000 have the highest engagement rate of 8.8%. So all is not lost! Boost up your strategy! 

#2 Tip: Be a Monument

  • Be authentic 
  • Be genuine
  • Share the game (information) – Now let’s expand on this point a bit. Sharing information is paramount to your success. Let the world know that you are an expert in the field and can speak intelligently about YOUR area of expertise. You know the information, why not share it? Of course you want to be paid for your services, but let’s be real, can your service really be explained in full in a simple article or blog post? NO! By sharing your knowledge, you are branding yourself, marketing yourself as the bad ass that can get them the results they need. It will lead to clients wanting to know more or seeing how you can help them. Let it loose! 

#3 Tip: Re-brand Yourself

  • Perfect your brand by deciding on your focal points based on your strengths and audience.
  • Complete what I like to call a Full Content Scrub. Don’t delete your account and don’t start a new one, just alter the one you have already established. Clean up some pictures/videos that you deem not valuable to your message. 
  • Align your experience “creatively” meaning share your experiences and results on LinkedIn. 
  • Drive for results by using amazing analytics tools that are built into the social media platforms and those from third parties.  Here are my favorite websites to use to get a leg up on my social media marketing strategy: 

I hope this post has helped you take the next step to getting your marketing strategy started and/or growing. For a more personalized consultation into what you can do to further your brand, go to and book a consultation with me! I will dig deep into your profile, see what has worked and what hasn’t, and get you to that next level! Until the next time… 

Syreeta R. B. 




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