Fashion | Sole DXB Recap

*all photos shot on iPhone Xmax

Sole DXB is an event for the lovers of sneakers and hip-hop! Based in the heart of the fashion district of Dubai also known as the Dubai Design District, streetwear companies from all over the globe come to sell their tees, accessories, and of course sneakers. And in true Dubai fashion, they bring DJs, musicians, and artists local and abroad to entertain the audience. Not only is the three day event packed with performances, there are also panel discussions, workshops, sneaker swaps, custom clothing, couture pop-up shops, and a radio station. We were blessed this year with legends of the mic Nas, Roxanne Shante, and Yassin Bey also known as Mos Def. There was definitely a New York essence in the air with this line up alone, but the wheels of steel were blessed with Bobbito Garcia, DJ Clark Kent, and DJ Stretch Armstrong. I only took part in the festivities on Thursday and Saturday, skipping Friday due to a busy schedule. However, those two days generated memories I will hold dear and close to my heart for a lifetime!

Sweet Chick Thursday

Bobbito Garcia premiered his documentary film Rock Rubber 45s, a cinematic odyssey exploring the connectivity of global basketball, sneaker, and music lifestyle through the firsthand lens of authentic NYC culture orchestrator Bobbito! Afterwards, there was a private party for fashion and music industry insiders and influencers such as myself, where Bobbito played nuyorican classics and hip-hop classics. The evening was airy, perfect winter weather in Dubai, and as the crowd started feeling the music, the breakers came out on the dance floor for friendly battles. Absolutely amazing! You just don’t know how good it felt to be around this energy, around my people. We danced the night away until the early morning hours.

Saturday Finale

So my day started super early going to a project management event in the morning. Check out that post as well ; ) So once I went home to change into my comfy yet hip-hop stylish look, off we went to Sole! The day started in the late afternoon around 330PM ish and I immediately went into blogger and footage mode. If you missed my instastories no worries, check out the full day video on my IGTV channel. Here is my look for the day taken at the Uber artist cube:

Hat: Money Fitted from Virgin Megastore

Tee: Black MultiColor beaded tee by Digital Good Times, altered by myself

Leggings: Olive leggings by Torrid

Sneakers: Glitter Cheetah Sneakers by Dune London

Favorite Sneakers

These sneakers were everything! Since most are limited edition, the price tag was sky high! I did manage to get cut a deal with one of the sneaker swap guys!



So you may pay a hefty price tag on limited edition items but there were a ton of free items that were customized as well! My good friend Rami is a well known badass graphic designer and gave away customized shoe boxes. Of course I had him tweak it to Lipstick Killers Collection. We also were given a free customized shopping back by the artist Brown Monkey collective.

The Biggie Crown

Reebok had a pop-up shop with the famous Biggie photographer Barron Clairborne. Because my braided up pony tail was in the way, it was difficult to get the perfect shot, but I think it turned out alright.


After all of the wandering around, we wanted to sit and chill and watch the various performances. So we proceeded to go to the bar area, take a seat and watch the shows.

Yassin Bey

However, while we were on our way into the bar, a familiar face walked out to write some graffiti on the wall. I looked at my husband and said that’s Mos Def! I immediately turned around and waited patient for him to finish his tag. I was not going to miss this opportunity to spit my favorite verse from one of my favorite songs Ms. Fat Booty! He finished writing and I walked towards him and spit the verse and his was shocked and smiling OMG! Did my husband get great photos, NO! But Yassin Bey gave me a hug and said you are crazy! SWOON!

Lion Babe

This fabulous lady knows how to put on a performance! She had a live band with a graphically appealing show. Rocking a 70s inspired, shimmery gold bell bottom jumper, she danced and sang her heart out. It was truly an awesome performance.


The king of New York, the legend, the man, the myth! He came out to his classic Illmatic songs such as New York State of Mind, Life’s a Bitch, and even played his latest set of songs. He truly showed up and out! It was also graphically appealing, showing snippets of his music on the various screens on stage added to the appeal. Its one thing to listen to Nas on your AirPods, but its another experience altogether when listening to it in concert. It brought all of the feelings and memories of listening to those classics for the first time, back again.

Well that was my fun-filled weekend in summary. Hope you enjoyed the read, until the next time…

Syreeta R. B.

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