Travel | Hidden Gem of Ras Al Khaimah

I needed a reset, a romantic getaway, a refreshment of the mind and body, a quick weekend of luxury. I have seen pictures of amazing places such as the Cove Rotana, and the timing could not have been better cost wise. Technically, since it’s Ramadan and the summer, it’s considered off season pricing and so I saved close to 1,000 dirhams on the price of a villa at the cove. Although still a grip, it was worth every single dirham. The Cove Rotana reminds of Santorini, Greece with its stacked villa design kissing the coast line. Since I only had a weekend, this will have to do.

So damn funny that our room number was 69! Anywho, the villas are fabulous, spacious, and offer breathtaking views of the Persian gulf. We had our own private pool as well! The service was impeccable with golf cart rides down the windy hillside resort area right to our doorstep.

Once we settled, we jumped into our swimwear and chilled in the pool with the red wine and smokes.

All of the hustle and bustle from the week’s work quickly faded away into the sunset. The mood was hashtag ultimate chill! After our dip into the pool and sunset admiration, we went to dinner at the Basilico Mediterranean restaurant. Staying healthy as much as possible we enjoyed a pan seared sea bass with veggies. It was sooo good! Cooked to perfection!

They had some of the best garlic butter sauce I ever had in my life! I can still taste it writing this. I felt like that old lady in the Franks Red Hot commercial, I put that shit on everything!

The next day we walked along towards the beach and admired the rest of the resort to capture its beauty.

Like I said, it was a quick weekend getaway and we unfortunately had to check out. I wish I could live here, but being an hour and fifteen minutes from my home in Dubai, I could not under no circumstances make that drive everyday to work ugh! So for now, it’s romantic weekends, hell maybe even a week at the hidden gem. So for now enjoy the beauty in the pictures and hopefully, you will get the opportunity to come to the Cove Rotana.

Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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