Travel | Amsterdam, I love you! 

My first trip to Amsterdam was back in February  2017 during a connecting flight. I had a 7 hour layover and decided to check this city out! It only took 7 hours to fall in love with this winter city with its medieval landscape, water canals, and the freedom to take advantage of all things sinful! My husband and I said we would love to get a flat here one day, but in the meantime he wanted another Amsterdam trip for his birthday in October. I found some super cheap tickets and hotel and off we went. Our stay was supposed to be four days but we ended up staying five and it was absolutely amazing. We relaxed, we ate, we walked and took the tram, we just had fun. Here are a few pictures from our trip. 


All photos shot on iPhone 

House Boats 

So a little tidbit that I learned from the canal cruise is that these house boats have been around for centuries and are more than likely not for sale! But I have seen a few on AirBnB. They are quite expensive as well, about 300,000Euros! I still want one! 

All photos shot on iPhone 

Art work

I did not do the typical tourist thing visiting all of the museums. However the street art work fulfilled my desire to see something beautiful. 

All photos shot on iPhone 


We stayed at the Die Port van Cleve hotel and it was super convenient to the red light district, coffee houses, central station, and wherever else you desire to go. The hotel also had a fabulous restaurant called Hulschers with delicious breakfast buffet and dinner service. Not to mention the hotel customers service was impeccable! I will definitely stay there in the future! 

All photos shot on iPhone 
You only live once shots! 

Let’s be real for a moment, yes Amsterdam is a place where you can smoke what you want and no one will bother you. But if you like the edible market, well they have it too. These next photos show the miscellaneous items and entertainment that was available. 

All photos shot on iPhone 

The weather was perfect for October and like I stayed before, it was just an awesome birthday trip. Next time I visit I will definitely go to aclub and check out their music scene. I did visit the red light district but you are not allowed to take photos there, so you will have to travel to see the ladies of the evening with your own eyes, and they are beautiful! 

Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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