Fashion | Fashion Forward Dubai 2017 Recap

Shot on iPhone

At its tenth season, Fashion Forward took over the Dubai Design District growing its audience from invite-only to everyone who loves fashion. It was a three-day celebration of style featuring runway shows, presentations, exhibitions, talks, shopping, music, and film. Here is my recap of the shows I attended!

Day 1

My Look

Shot on iPhone

Dress: LKC/Edgy Opulence Lifestyle Brand

Leggings: Centrepoint

Shoes: Ted Baker

Tote: Ted Baker

Necklace: H&M

Earrings: Vintage

The Fashion Future segment was literally filled with the future of fashion!  Recent graduates of various universities from all over the world had their signature collections on display and they were absolutely stunning in creativity. From steam punk motifs, to Hip Hop inspired, to Victorian twist, you saw a little bit of everything in the display hall. Here are a few pictures of my favorite pieces from the showroom. 

Liang Yu – Bunka Fashion College, JapanYao Yao – Donghua University, China Claire Tagg – UCA Rochester, UKDiana Aparo – Academia Costume & Moda, Italy 

Susan Forrest – Manchester School of Art, UKGhettour 

Day 2

My Look 

Shot on iPhone 

Hat: H&M with Burberry Scarf wrapped around 

Necklace: Unknown 

Jacket: Torrid 

Tank: H&M 

Skirt: LKC/Edgy Opulence Lifestyle 

Clutch: Lipstick Killers Collection 


Utruj – abayas and other conservative pieces of clothing which is totally appropriate for the UAE 

The best model ever! I love her! 

Day 3 

My Look

Shot on iPhone 

Earrings: unknown

Necklace: Jade necklace, Shanghai, China

Jacket: Torrid

Tank: Walmart

Skirt: Torrid 

Leggings: Cheetah print Torrid leggings (I cut them into Bermuda style)

Shoes: H&M Black Snakeskin ballet flats 

Clutch: Lipstick Killers Collection vintage 

Retail Shops – Accessory Designer Bija 

Shot on iPhone 

All in all I had a great time because it’s Fashion darling! Runway shows could have been better, I wasn’t really impressed or wowed by the shows I attended to be truthful. But the fashion students were freaking amazing and the retail shops were amazing as well. Stay tuned for coverage of the next fashion event Arab Fashion Week!!! Soooo excited, it’s coming in about two weeks! Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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