Fashion | Golden Globe 2018 Red Carpet Favs & Meh

The Golden Globe’s red carpet was littered in black this year. Actors, writers, directors, and other people in the world of Hollywood showed solidarity against racial and gender inequality by choosing to wear black. There were a few that spiced up the black with a hint of color, patterns, or decided not wearing it all. Here is my list of favorites and the ones that were meh. Let’s see who makes the edgy opulence crown rating!

Crown Worthy

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Issa RaeAbsolutely love the low cut, the pop of color with the necklace, and or course the cape detail. She looks like a queen, superhero, and fairy god mother all in one. Love it girl!


Zuri Hall: I love this look so much! First off the loose wave bob is everything, the dress is just fabulous with the lace patterns and layers, and you can see these fabulous shoes fighting for attention through the chiffon.  


Zoe KravitzThis is the epitome of minimalist sexy! Of course she killed it with the emerald jeweled earrings and fabulous short cut. Then spiced it further with the red lipstick. Hmmm, I see red, black, and green… can you say #powertothepeople!


Gayle KingAnother minimalist look but the ombre is so fierce. She looks so good! I always show love for sequins!


Blanca BlancoGirlllll you slayed this red carpet with the supreme sexy mamacita dress! OMG! This reminds me of a J.Lo look from many years ago, but it still served all kinds of sexy.


CommonYou just look so damn good no matter what you wear. But this suit is perfectly tailored! Love the satin lapels and bowtie. #swoon


Eva LongoriaThis tuxedo dress is freaking fabulous and adorable at the same damn time! The perfect dress to support the baby bump with flare. Love!



#why #whatwereyouthinking #fireyourstylistnow #helltothenaw

Elizabeth ChambersI do not like the light blue contrast color in this look. I am not sure if its supposed to be a geisha look or just a belt but the way it drapes just ruins the look.


Alison SudolThe flower pattern throws this look off. Its just not red carpet worthy in my opinion.


Alice EnglertThis is not flattering at all! It does not compliment her shape, if she has one, whatsoever. Ugh, I just can’t.


Jessica BielThis damn half moon in the middle of the dress is so weird. If the dress didn’t have this random, ultra-contrasted, I’m guessing velvet piece in the middle of it, then it would be decent.



Okay darlings, that is it for now. Hope you enjoyed the looks. Let me know what your winners and losers are for the red carpet in the comments. Until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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