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During my visit and meeting with the fashion division of the Dubai Design District a few weeks back, I came across this store on my way towards the taxi stand. First thing I noticed was the cactus. I have been searching for a cute house plant for my balcony and living room that could stand the desert climate so a cactus would be perfect. I already purchased two mini cactus at the local supermarket which I placed on my balcony table, but I wanted something to blend perfectly with the Feng Shui of my apartment and have some edgy opulence to it. So when I walked into the store, I immediately looked at all of the beautiful cactus arrangements and knew I was in the right place.

So as I was browsing, some glitter caught my eye. There they were, sitting in a super cute rhinestone vase with the pop of pink faux floras on the top, I fell in love. They go perfectly with the color scheme of my apartment so I knew I had to have them. So I made eye contact with a tall Arabic man who was on his mobile. He came over to me and I greeted him in a polite manner with the normal greeting As-Salaam-Alaikum. He greeted me back. I asked him how much for one of the crystal cactus and he said 30 Dirham. This is beyond a steal so I purchased two! I named them right on the spot too, Flora and Fauna. So then he starts to explain the mission behind his company. Come to find out, this place absolutely rocks!

Enable is a United Arab Emirates national social enterprise based in Dubai that empowers special young Emratis with cognitive disabilities by enrolling them in an extensive entrepreneurial program. The skill set delivered will hopefully “enable” individuals with such special abilities to start their own retail units and therefore achieve individual financial independence. Each of the home and garden arrangements are carefully branded to communicate the social initiative and are 100% used to fuel its retail operations with 15% of each product sold going back to the employee who created it to empower their abilities.

So not only did I get a gorgeous arrangement to compliment my interior design elements, I gave back to the Dubai community and made a social impact. To top it all off, Enable is the winner of the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Award. So supreme kudos to Enable for making a difference and being a social change agent for the UAE. I am thrilled to have contributed to your cause and I look forward to purchasing more home and garden arrangements in the future. Be sure to follow this company and show your support! Until the next time…

Syreeta R B

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