Lifestyle | Yessss Bentley Cafe! 

Dubai is home to all things luxury times 1000! Exclusive shops, boutiques, architecture, world’s bests, and world’s onlies are located in various parts of the city for your visiting pleasure. The world’s tallest building, the world’s best laser and holographic show, and now I bring you a review of the world’s ONLY Bentley cafe.

The outside deck has plenty of shade from the sun, but also gives a romantic dimness at night. Located in the far end of the marina, the view is a little limited but still gorgeous.

The inside of the cafe has a unique table setting with a rose on every table. 

And of course the waiting area has a gorgeous Bentley coupe for your viewing and ordering pleasure. The show room is guarded but the welcome you to take pictures of the car.

Cost wise, it’s a little on the high end, but the food was quite delicious. I had the turkey club sandwich and a water and spent about 100AED which is the normal price for the marina area restaurants. On ladies night they give you free coffee! Parking is limited to the street so it’s going to be tough. Otherwise, it’s a fabulous experience and I would definitely bring clients here or a few friends who are fans of the Bentley brand.

Thanks for reading, until the next time…

Syreeta R.B.

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