Lifestyle | My Celebration of International Women’s Day

Here we are 109 years later from the first march for women’s equality and rights, still marching and demanding. Well, I don’t want today to be about what we are still striving for, although very relevant issues, instead I want today to be a day of reflection and the determination to become what we can become. I want today to be your drive to be more, to do more, and to become the woman you are supposed to be.

For me, International Women’s Day is the day to celebrate what I have done and to see how my experiences and talents can guide me to my next level of success. It’s about taking any negative situation and turning it into a positive motivating force to be reckoned with. It’s about forgiving yourself for making the wrong choice and learning the lesson. It’s about making sure that you are at your full capacity and demonstrating class and grace with a sweet twist of fearless. It’s about showing the world that you are more than your social media profile, you are more than your selfies, you are more than what they perceive you to be.

It’s a gift to meet successful women that you aspire to be. Even if the encounter is awkward or did not go as you planned, what energy did you feel from this woman in power? It felt different didn’t it? They had something, that business woman finesse that you didn’t quite channel yet. Yet is the key word in that sentence darling because you are almost there if you were able to get a whiff of that fierce ¬†energy!

You feel the change in the air now don’t you? You can see the world changing right before your eyes and you have to be agile so you can ride that wave of change! You see women from all walks of life making a difference big or small. You see powerful celebrities like Beyonc√© showing the world Osun and how she channels her energy.

You see powerful women executives like Bozoma Saint John changing the game by demonstrating leadership in a fashionable way staying true to herself and giving melanin an amazing glow that can never fade.

You see the struggle in the fashion industry for weight equality on the runway. You see women fighting their way to lead in the fashion industry designed for them but lead by men. The struggle of being our true powerful selves is everywhere but it is achievable! We can do it! You can do it! I can do it!

My final thoughts…

Yes today is the day celebrated, but the mindset is everyday. The challenge is everyday, the struggle is everyday, the will to survive and to thrive is everyday. Everyday we can get closer to where we need to be. Everyday we learn, we grow, we change, we lead, we follow, we encourage, we inspire, we motivate, we build, and we respect the process while doing it. Enjoy your day today and everyday there after.

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