Business | Season 2 is here 🤯

With this political climate turning upside down and sideways, I hesitated releasing the season 2 premiere video. I will never forget January 6th just like I will never forget September 11th. I was not surprised at this psycho shit but I was shocked 😳. Although the drama ensued, the people and the people’s people rose above. So I knew I had to keep sharing the project management force with you all. Season 2 episode 8 here we come!

On this episode, I share my experience with discovering PMI, what benefits they offer to members, and how volunteering brought an incredible amount of value to my professional portfolio. And…. a celebratory announcement 🥰. Check it out on IGTV and like/comment/share if you find this information valuable.

Until the next time…

Syreeta R. B.

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